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High gas prices driving regulation speculation, calls for controls

WASHINGTON -- The rising price of gasoline has rekindled debate across America over whether prices for gasoline should be regulated as they are for electricity and water, said a Knight Ridder report. As reported in CSP Daily News, on September 1, Hawaii will become the first state to cap the...

N.Y. senator pushes gas theft bill; stations experimenting with deterrents

ALBANY, N.Y. New York State Senator Mary Lou Rath (R) is again asking her Assembly colleagues to adopt a bill that would deter motorists from gassing up and taking off without paying, according to a report by Buffalo Business First. Rath's measure, twice passed in the state Senate, would have a...

Federal government proposes new CAFE standards

WASHINGTON -- With gasoline prices continuing to rise, the Bush administration on Tuesday proposed new rules to compel auto manufacturers to make pickup trucks, minivans and some sport utility vehicles (SUVs) more fuel efficient. Environmentalists said the plan would do little to wean the nation...

Hawaii on Wednesday became the first state in the United States to set caps on the wholesale price of gasoline, reported the Associated Press.
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Michigan governor announces more station inspections
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Helicopter employed to find rumored evaders
State high court says selling gas to drunk motorist could make owner responsible