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Biodiesel available at Maritime Farms c-store

UNION, Maine -- Maritime Energy said that biodiesel is now available at its Union, Maine, Maritime Farms convenience store. The cleaner-burning fuel is domestically produced from renewable resources like soybean oil. Just like petroleum diesel, biodiesel operates in compression-ignition engines,...

Customer satisfaction key to Thornton promotion

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- One year after putting an extra emphasis on gasoline pump maintenance, Thornton Oil Co. is getting some extra mileage out of the effort through a marketing campaign at the pump. Signs posted on all pumps read: Go with the flow! Here at Thorntons, we strive to have the fastest...

Conversion plant to be built in Oregon, with Willie's help

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Plans are underway to break ground on the first biodiesel manufacturing plant in Oregon as part of a joint venture between Oregon-based SeQuential Biofuels LLC, biodiesel pioneer Pacific Biodiesel of Hawaii and several private investors. SeQuential-Pacific has purchased a one-acre...

After uptick, retail gas prices expected to decline, oil markets permitting, says EIA
Governor had vetoed earlier legislation
Ethanol expected to divide lawmakers as full Senate prepares for energy debate
EPA Upholds RFG requirement in California, New York, Connecticut
CHS expecting increased demand for E85
Inspections uncover violations
Spinx to offer Willie Nelson's Biodiesel, E85 ethanol.