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Oil giant counts on continued high prices

SAN RAMON, Calif. -- With itsplanned purchase of Unocal Corp. approved by stockholders yesterday for $18.1 billion, Chevron Corp. has landed the biggest oil acquisition in years and snatched a prize away from a government-controlled Chinese company. But behind this victory lies a giant bet on the...

California already crossing over as gas hits $64 a barrel

LOS ANGELES -- That all-too-familiar fear is back: Already high gas prices could soon skyrocket even higher. As crude oil prices spiked at nearly $64 a barrel Monday and ultimately settled at an all-time high of $63.94, industry experts and consumers were left wondering what's in store at the pump...

Suppliers, not stations, mostly responsible for hurricane increases

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Most of the 1,500 gasoline price-gouging complaints filed during Hurricane Dennis will amount to nothing, according to a report in Southwest Florida's News-Press. The hikes were real, but they happened further up the supply chain and hours before Florida's anti-gouging laws...

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