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N.Y. county politicians want local stations to provide oil price information

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. -- A number of Democratic Dutchess County legislators and candidates have called for the county to adopt a Gasoline Consumer Empowerment Law, which would mandate by January 1 of next year that all gas stations in the county would have to display a poster and have handouts for...

Washington, Oklahoma pols, taxpayers sink teeth into bridgework debates

SEATTLE -- Washington Governor Christine Gregoire and key state lawmakers have been working out a strategy to counter a citizen initiative that threatens to repeal a 9.5-cent-per-gallon increase in the state gasoline tax approved in April, reported The Olympian. Initiative 912 gathered more than...

Helicopter employed to find rumored evaders

JACKSON, Miss. -- Authorities are taking seriously the possibility that fuel is secretly being brought into Mississippi by barge in a scheme to avoid paying state taxes, said the Associated Press. Witnesses have said fuel was unloaded from a 3,000-ton tanker pulled close to shore in a remote area...

State high court says selling gas to drunk motorist could make owner responsible
Acting New Jersey Governor Richard Codey signed into law last Thursday a ban on the sale of gasoline containing the fuel additive methyl tertiary butyl ether.
Dem chair takes swipe at Bush, GOP
Conservative Party will circulate petitions
Wis. pols propose $170 million gas tax holiday, minimum markup repeal
Rollout begins at Chevron-Supplied Texaco Stations in Southeast; West to follow
Fuel costs could lead to tax suspension in Illinois