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Wis. lawmakers want answers from state Commerce Department

MADISON, Wis. -- Wisconsin lawmakers have given the state Department of Commerce until the end of next week to answer questions about its gasoline octane testing program, said the Associated Press. Inspectors and others say the program been dysfunctional for years, leaving the public vulnerable to...

API publishes quarterly chart

WASHINGTON -- The American Petroleum Institute (API), Washington, D.C., recently issued its quarterly chart updating state motor fuel tax rates. To view the chart, click here .[image-nocss] p>

Bush addresses nation on energy, social security

WASHINGTON -- President Bush told the America people in a televised, prime-time speech last week that there will be no price gouging at gas pumps in America. In the address, which was divided mainly between the topics of energy and social security reform, he said, Millions of American families and...

Value, existing strengths and the c-store key to recapturing lost gas dollars
Techron to be added to all gasolines worldwide
7-Eleven reviewing gasoline supply agreement with CITGO; could create own brand
Titans clash in lawsuit filed over N.C. gas prices
Bush calls for refineries at closed military bases
Premcor acquisition bolsters company's regional role, midstream and downstream.
Minnesota House panel rejects hike; Senate backs it