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S.D. delegation backs ethanol fuel credit

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. -- South Dakota's congressional delegation favors extending an incentive intended to promote ethanol use, despite criticism that it actually helps increase dependence on foreign oil, reported The Argus Leader. The flexible-fuel credit allows car companies to meet part of their...

Bucking crude price hikes, Lundberg says

CAMARILLO, Calif. -- Retail gasoline prices fell nearly two more cents since May 20, bringing the total decline to about 16 cents since the April 8 peak. This development came after a 50-cent hike from January through early April that was due to zooming oil prices and costly pre-spring refinery...

Parish Oil, Ray Moore claim grocer is selling below cost

MONTROSE, Colo. -- Two gas station operators in Colorado are fuming about grocery stores they claim are selling gasoline below cost, reported the Denver Post. The fight in Colorado is centered on the Western Slope town of Montrose and could affect fuel-pricing practices elsewhere in the state...

Biodiesel available at Maritime Farms c-store
After uptick, retail gas prices expected to decline, oil markets permitting, says EIA
Customer satisfaction key to Thornton promotion
Conversion plant to be built in Oregon, with Willie's help.
Governor had vetoed earlier legislation
Ethanol expected to divide lawmakers as full Senate prepares for energy debate
EPA Upholds RFG requirement in California, New York, Connecticut