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Gas prices raising concerns in Louisiana, Alabama

BATON ROUGE, La. -- Choosing between two competing bills to change the way Louisiana regulates prices at the pump, the state House Commerce Committee on Monday approved a measure that would reduce the state's requirement for gas stations to charge a 6% markup, while at the same time creating...

ChevronTexaco Corp. changes name to Chevron Corp., unveils new logo

SAN RAMON, Calif. -- In a move to present a clear, strong and unified presence in the global marketplace, ChevronTexaco Corp. is changing its name to Chevron Corp., effective immediately. Today, we are a leading global energy company built on the strengths and proud traditions of all our...

Supply enhanced, Lundberg says

CAMARILLO, Calif. -- As both crude oil and gasoline supplies continued their rise in the past two weeks, retail gasoline prices continued their cuts. Self-serve regular now averages $2.2129, down 3.08 cents since April 22. In the past month, the U.S. average shed 7.5 cents a gallon, according to...

LOMCSA hopes letting go of markup a major concession that will result in compromise legislation
Blanco supports gas tax at the rack
Senator targets high gas prices with oil refinery bill
OK AG cautions retailers on price fixing, gouging
Vows to block energy bill If MTBE liability waiver not removed
Consumer group pushing simple solution
Vows to block energy bill If MTBE liability waiver not removed