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Hansen asks AG to investigate whether refiners are cutting supply

MADISON, Wis. -- With gasoline prices at record levels, a Wisconsin state legislator is calling for an investigation into whether oil companies are taking advantage of consumers to pump up their profits, reported the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. State Senator Dave Hansen (D) has asked Attorney...

Also wants to tap SPR, stop export of AK oil, halt mergers, clamp down on OPEC

WASHINGTON -- Representative Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) wants to impose price controls on fuel and increase taxes on oil producers as the prices of gasoline and heating oil continue climbing to record highs, said the Associated Press. Sanders is spending part of Congress' August recess away from...

Web bookie taking wagers on gas prices

WILLEMSTAD, Curacao -- A major Internet sports-betting parlor has began offering odds on rising gasoline prices. Pinnacle Sports, an international Internet bookie on the Caribbean island of Curacao, on August 6 began offering odds on future gasoline prices, said Knight Ridder/Tribune. Gamblers can...

$3-a-gallon gas comes to Massachusetts
Refinery problems, global politics also playing their part
Gasoline prices may be changing driving habits
Another Day, Another Dollar Margins suffering as oil hits new highs
Oil giant counts on continued high prices
California already crossing over as gas hits $64 a barrel
Suppliers, not stations, mostly responsible for hurricane increases