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Petroleum industry calls for RFS reform

WASHINGTON -- Refiners will need to blend in a record 19.28 billion gallons of biofuels into transportation fuels in 2017, with 15 billion gallons from “conventional” biofuels—mainly corn-based ethanol. This matches the 15-billion-gallon blending cap for conventional biofuels that Congress set 11...

AAA projects 43.5 million travelers on road this holiday

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Vehicle travel for the Thanksgiving 2016 holiday will rise for the eighth straight year, hitting a volume that is double digits above the previous 15 years’ average. AAA projects the number of Americans traveling 50 miles or more this Thanksgiving holiday will jump by one million...

While many agree that the RIN system and the RFS could work more efficiently, they disagree on the best approach. Here are three proposed fixes.

Grand opening of Pennsylvania site to celebrate milestone and veterans

Several chains who have installed E15 at the forecourt in the past year

Chains make moves to add alternative fuel in 2017 .

The latest supply and retail price news following the Oct. 31 pipeline shutdown

Routes to provide basis for alternative-fueling network across 35 states

Repairs, states of emergency and other updates from the Colonial Pipeline shutdown

New York, Pennsylvania drivers see differing economics for crossing the border .