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AG subpoenas Tesoro, Chevron and others for gasoline price spikes

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Refiners are under the microscope for possibly triggering gasoline price spikes in California. The attorney general for California has issued subpoenas to several refiners, including Chevron Corp., ExxonMobil Corp., Phillips 66, Royal Dutch Shell PLC, Tesoro Corp. and Valero...

Latest site to offer the ethanol blend debuts with more to come

CHICAGO -- Thorntons Inc. ’s rollout of E15 continues with its latest site in the Chicago market. The Louisville, Ky.-based chain now offers the 15% ethanol blend at nine sites in the Chicago metropolitan area. In March, Thorntons Inc., which has more than 180 stores in six states, announced it...

Presidio, Texas
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Fuel shortage in Northern Mexico pushes drivers into Texas towns

PRESIDIO, Texas -- A “mysterious” gasoline shortage in Northern Mexico has meant a small boon of business for fuel retailers in Texas border towns. According to Fusion.net , towns such as Presidio, Texas, have seen an influx of Mexican vehicles this past week, lining up at local gas stations to...

Fuel-equipment association names Long to executive, legal positions
As transportation fund set to soon go bust, plan to raise tax 23 CPG faces stiff opposition .
Grants could fund backup power at up to 200 downstate gas stations

On-demand services offer a convenient, gas-station-free fueling experience

Retailer partners with Trillium CNG on another Minnesota location
Combined product offer would cover everything from above- to below-ground fueling

Higher consumption and crude heat up latest EIA fuel-price forecast