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The 23-CPG increase would replenish state infrastructure fund

TRENTON, N.J. -- New Jersey will soon go from having the second-lowest gas tax in the country to the seventh-highest. After months of wrangling, Gov. Chris Christie (R) and the state’s Democrat-led legislature finally agreed to a 23-cent-per-gallon (CPG) increase in the gasoline tax late last week...

BP distributor partners with Nissan to install charging stations in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Mark Oil Co. is the latest fuel retailer to partner with Nissan on adding electric-vehicle (EV) charging stations. The BP distributor is adding DC fast-charge stations to 10 of its 25 convenience stores in the Charlotte area. In a press release, Nissan described the installation...

Complaints surface in five states after Colonial Pipeline leak

An update on repair efforts to the Colonial Pipeline


The ripple effects of last week’s Colonial Pipeline outage in Alabama continue across the region.


What the next president's energy priorities should be: Petrowski

Largest Colonial Pipeline leak in 20 years triggers EPA waivers and alerts in five states .
Lawsuit names more than 30 fuel manufacturers to recover cleanup costs
Redesigned consumer app to be 'Yelp for gas stations'.

A look at how the decline of teh gas station is affecting the industry and some neighborhoods.