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The latest news on petroleum, diesel and alternative fuel retailing
Electric car charging

Technology advancements, lower costs are helping EVs in race to replace gasoline: Bloomberg

CHICAGO -- In the race to replace gasoline and diesel as a fuel for passenger vehicles, electric currently has the edge against natural gas—and it’s only expected to grow. A combination of issues is preventing natural-gas vehicles (NGVs) from gaining greater traction in the passenger segment,...

Tesla Model 3

The latest retailers and places to see electric-vehicle infrastructure development

Fuel pumps

Gasoline and diesel theft, resale increasingly rampant across the South and Southwest

CHICAGO -- Fuel theft in the United States is becoming big business, with criminal gangs using skimmed credit-card information to steal fuel from gas stations and specially equipped trucks and vans to carry it away. Criminals can earn $1,000 or more per day reselling the fuel to unscrupulous...

Traffic on highway
New system could replace gasoline tax as road-funding mechanism
Gas prices
Operator advertised cash-only price on street sign, omitting higher credit price, lawsuit claims
Electric vehicles are here and are changing the landscape of many industries in varied ways.
Low gas prices

Petrowski presents his math and projections for the rest of the year

Sheetz canopy
Retailer looks to offer choice to customers
British cars
Country joins France in shift away from the internal-combustion engine .
Pickup trucks
As gasoline prices decline, loyalty to larger vehicles grows: IHS Markit