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On-demand fueling service to fill up Volvos, Bentleys

SAN FRANCISCO -- Some luxury car owners can now enjoy a new perk through their vehicle manufacturer: gasoline delivery on demand. Both Volvo and Bentley are partnering with Filld Inc., an on-demand fueling provider that operates in the San Francisco Bay area. Volvo is piloting a new program, Volvo...

Latest earnings call provides direction on RINs, alternative fuels and more


What issue has united API, biofuels groups and fuel retailers?

WASHINGTON -- In an “unprecedented” show of solidarity, eight fuel industry groups have signed a joint letter opposing a major change that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is considering to the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). The letter sent this week to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy asks...

Ethanol blend debuts in chain’s hometown
Petroleum industry calls for RFS reform
AAA projects 43.5 million travelers on road this holiday .

While many agree that the RIN system and the RFS could work more efficiently, they disagree on the best approach. Here are three proposed fixes.

Grand opening of Pennsylvania site to celebrate milestone and veterans

Several chains who have installed E15 at the forecourt in the past year

Chains make moves to add alternative fuel in 2017 .