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Enforcement actions at locations in three states

SEATTLE -- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reached settlements with nine gas stations in Alaska, Oregon and Washington to bring them into compliance with federal laws designed to protect underground sources of drinking water from fuel tanks stored below ground. The gas stations were...

Approaching summer driving season will soon pressure pump prices

WASHINGTON & BOSTON -- The national retail average for regular gasoline at the start of this week was at its lowest price for the date since 2004, despite a pause in the nearly daily price declines since the start of the year. According to Washington-based AAA, the national average rose 1 cent...

Lisa Madigan

Lisa Madigan

Court grants request for preliminary injunction

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. -- Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has filed a lawsuit against the owner of a Lake County gas station over a gasoline leak that caused soil and groundwater contamination and vapors to enter nearby residents’ homes. Madigan’s filed the complaint in Lake County Circuit Court...

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