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Rainy Day Fuel

Rainy Day Fuel brings gasoline to Portland, Ore.-area consumers

BEAVERTON, Ore. -- Another on-demand fueling service has popped up—this time in Oregon. Patrice Holliday, co-founder of Rainy Day Fuel, told KATU News that she and business partner Sarah Hughes came up with the idea for Rainy Day Fuel when they were complaining to a software-engineer friend, Adam...

electric vehicle sales

A monthly snapshot of what’s been pumped, burned and bought

BP gas station

Major oil opens the first of 1,500 branded sites

MEXICO CITY -- The first gas station in Mexico to fly a multinational oil flag opened its doors this month. BP opened its first retail fueling site in Mexico in early March as part of its opening salvo into the country’s newly deregulated fuel market. The first BP-branded location , in the middle-...

Fuel pumps
Wessels Oil adds state’s milestone location
Casey's General Store

Updates on the retailer's gasoline business, from margin pressures to growth potential

Fuel pumps
More efficient engines, alternative fuels suggest volume decline after 2018: analyst
E15 gas pump
Proposed waiver could open door to year-round E15 use
VP Racing
Distributor cites competitive pressures for decision to add brand
Gas pumps
Point of obligation to move downstream in reported deal between Trump adviser Icahn, RFA .
Sunoco gas station

From acquisitions to oil-field woes to the future of RINs, here are the top fuel issues on Sunoco’s mind