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Acquisition marks fuel-equipment supplier’s fourth expansion in 18 months

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Spatco Petroleum Solutions has acquired fuel-equipment distributor PetroTech LLC. This marks the fourth expansion in 18 months for Spatco Petroleum, a division of Spatco Energy Solutions and supplier of fuel equipment for brands including Wayne Fueling Systems, Veeder-Root, OPW...

By reducing fuel losses, preventing catastrophic spills and preserving customer loyalty, these four fuel site underdogs save the day, day in and day out.

Brought to you by Source North America. There are hundreds of components above and below ground in a convenience store fueling system. Each has an important function, but some don’t get the respect they’re due because of their unassuming, behind-the-scenes roles. By reducing fuel losses, preventing...

Here are some highlights of the Miles fuel-dispenser experience

A look at leading retailers and their signature canopies shows the potential when one breaks the rectangular mold.

Creates new business with completion of Wayne acquisition
Navigating the complicated world of convenience store point-of-sale technology can be headache inducing for many fuel sellers.
Selects PriceAdvantage software for commission sites
Retailer also including NFC technology
BP partners with GSTV on technology rollout
New lock features make prying door open more difficult