GasBuddy Updates Mobile App

Allows consumers to find, report gasoline prices based on cash, credit

GasBuddy Gas Station Price App

BROOKLYN PARK, Minn. -- GasBuddy, the online consumer gasoline-price community, has released a new version of its mobile app for iPhone and Android. The update allows drivers to find and report gasoline prices based on cash and credit in markets that commonly price fuel differently for each payment method.

"With credit card companies charging 2 to 3% of the price per gallon, some gas stations in places like California, New York and Florida are choosing to pass the savings onto customers that pay by cash," said Jason Toews, co-founder of GasBuddy. "Total savings often range from 5 to 15 cents per gallon when drivers use cash instead of credit."

Additional markets with gas stations that commonly price gasoline differently based on payment method include New Jersey, Michigan, Washington, Connecticut, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Maryland, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, D.C.

The cash/credit report feature of the GasBuddy mobile app is now available to drivers in all of these markets.

"With more than 8,600 gas stations offering cash/credit pricing, this new feature will give drivers more flexibility and more purchasing options when it comes to finding a deal," said Toews. "We don't see gas prices dropping anytime soon, especially as refineries switch over to more expensive summer formulas. This upgrade to the GasBuddy app is just in time to help drivers save money on their spring break or summer road trips."

Drivers can find cash and credit prices in their area by searching for stations and convenience stores using the iPhone or Android app. A "cash" icon will appear next to the gasoline price when a cash discount is available.

The GasBuddy mobile app update also includes a refreshed design to save drivers time finding and reporting fuel prices. In addition to faster screen load time, users can save time by reporting prices as correct or not with one click; spotting where they are in relation to the station without having to leave the app; and adding favorite stations by clicking the heart icon at the top of the station page.

Brooklyn Park, Minn.-based GasBuddy is a division of Oil Price Information Service (OPIS), Gaithersburg, Md.