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June 2018

Smarter Facilities: Visibility for Enhanced Cost Control

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Defining the source of equipment failure can be the most time consuming and costly part of equipment repair. Get ahead of equipment failure by gaining visibility into your most critical assets. Join Keith Nedell, Chief Supply Chain and Analytics Officer of Vixxo, as he highlights strategies to ehnance your facilities and asset managment program.

Topics we'll cover:

  1. Pricing and Invoicing Controls
  2. Repair vs. Replace Decisions
  3. Asset Lifecycle Management Best Practices

July 2018

07/31/2018 to 08/02/2018

Chicago, IL

The nicotine category has been unsettled and unpredictable for several years, with no clear path ahead. Can we expect more flavor bans and changes in tobacco purchasing age? Retailers are learning how to deal with supplier consolidations, and new products continue to put pressure on traditional combustible tobacco. Still, unit sales of cigars, snus and electronic smoking devices continue to grow even as cigarettes slip.

August 2018

08/19/2018 to 08/22/2018

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Leadership is not monolithic. It encompasses different styles and tactics. It inspires mom-and-pop companies while reinvigorating multibillion-dollar operations. The Outlook Leadership conference is the place to hear keynote speakers who capture this diversity, and to “explore new horizons” that will take your business to the next level. It is the convenience industry’s premier, invitation-only event, that you cannot afford to miss. Check out all that Outlook has to offer at

September 2018

09/25/2018 to 09/27/2018

Chicago, IL

Innovation is positioning the beverage category for the future. As the beverage set in our stores evolves, retailers also face differing definitions of “healthy.” Whether you manage alcohol, nonalcohol or both, the challenges of selecting the right assortment amid shifts in consumer preferences seem to grow every year. If only your space could grow at the same pace! CSP’s Cold Vault Forum offers category managers the latest in beverage trends and who's drinking what, presented by subject matter experts.