Dash In Honors CSP, Utz

Recognizes publisher for its support of company, industry

Larry Bullis (left), Tim Grossi, Mitch Morrison

LA PLATA, Md. -- In the normal cycle of events, trade publications honor retailers, oftentimes for overall excellence, community service, design or some other aspect of business.

Rare is the other way around--when a retailer opts to recognize a media group. On Tuesday, Dash In Food Stores Inc., a franchisor of nearly 50 Dash In stores in the Mid-Atlantic, did just that when it honored CSP, along with Dash In's vendor of the year, Hanover, Pa. snack company Utz Quality Foods

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For Utz, Dash In executive Tim Grossi talked about the retailer's double-digit sales growth of Utz products and their shared relationship. "That's what it's all about--a true partnership where everybody grows their business."

Honoring CSP, Dash In director of merchandising and marketing Larry Bullis acknowledged the novelty of recognizing a media company. "It is probably a little unusual for Dash In to present CSP an award, as they are usually the presenter."

So why the award? "In today's highly competitive and tough economic environment, it is vital to receive quality and timely information in regards to products, categories, and more importantly the change in consumer's needs."

"CSP," said Bullis, "has lead this charge with information that helps our organization and all c-store and petroleum operators make better decisions to take care of the customer. They offer the same information for 1 store operations, to the largest chain. From the CSP magazine to the daily news feeds, you get instant information that keeps you informed.

"CSP events, such as Convenience Retail University, FARE, and Leadership Conference are second to none," Bullis continued. "It also allows for fantastic networking, in fact Dash In has introduced many new products and processes gained from CSP events."

CSP group editor and vice president Mitch Morrison accepted the award on CSP's behalf. "In the economic backdrop we're living in, when the U.S. Postal Service is talking about contracting services, retailers across the spectrum are dissolving or cutting back and the middle class is shrinking, it is refreshing to be honored by a company of Dash In's high quality. Dash In and CSP embrace a shared culture of growing people and enhancing the consumer experience."

The Wills Group, La Plata, Md., is one of the largest privately held Shell distributors in the United States. As part of its portfolio, it operates nearly 50 Dash In stores, units ranging 1,100 to 4,000 square feet and run mostly by franchisees. Additionally, the company supplies fuel to a 300-dealer network.