Two Calif. C-stores For Sale

San Luis Obispo stores touted for amenities, location

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. -- Two convenience stores in San Luis Obispo, Calif., are for sale to the highest bidders.

The sale portfolio consists of a Chevron-branded gasoline station with convenience store, and a Shell-branded gasoline station with a deli, convenience store and car wash.

NRC Realty Advisors (NRC), Chicago, have been retained by business leaders Deron and Kimberly Brewer to coordinate and execute a sealed bid sale of the two properties.

The Chevron station is fully updated and [image-nocss] includes a large convenience store. It has served the San Luis Obispo community for more than 43 years and is a popular stop for traffic from nearby Highway 101, according to NRC.

The brand new (January 2006) Shell station opened earlier this year. Its 4,440-square-foot interior includes a deli with an on-site chef, whose culinary creations have caught the attention of regional food critics, NRC said. In addition, a wireless Internet caf a and an espresso bar with dedicated baristas round out the property's amenities.

These are exceptional properties in high-traffic areas, said Hope Mineo, managing director of NRC. We expect to generate strong buying interest throughout the region.

NRC is offering both an all-inclusive sales brochure as well as individual property specific packages (PSPs). The free brochure provides overviews of the property listings, including location and sales volume. The $35 PSPs ($25 CD-ROM versions available upon request) contain site-specific bid packages and detailed due diligence information.Bids are due Thursday, Aug. 24, 2006.

For bid submission guidelines, or to order brochures and PSPs, contact the NRC Customer Service Center at (800) 747-3342, ext. 613, or visit

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