Which C-Store Brand Is Tops in Most States?

Greg Lindenberg, Editor, CSP

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BOSTON -- GasBuddy has released the results of the highest-rated convenience-store brands in each of the 50 states, as well as Washington, D.C. The consumer-driven gas-price service collected data from ratings posted by millions of its “Gasbuddies” throughout the country who said these brands had the best overall c-store retail experience in their state.

Some are regional favorites, and some are surprises, even to consumers who aren't familiar with brands in other parts of their own state. Brands needed to have at least 20 locations in a state to be included in the analysis.

Boston-based GasBuddy recently added a ratings feature to its mobile app. Users can post ratings for a retail location’s cleanliness, coffee, customer service, outdoor lighting and restrooms. They also can post comments.

Click through for the regional, state and brand breakdowns from GasBuddy's survey …

Pacific/West Coast

Mobil gas station
  • Alaska: Holiday
  • Arizona: QuikTrip
  • California: Fastrip
  • Hawaii: Shell
  • Nevada: Chevron
  • Oregon: Mobil
  • Washington: Mobil

Regional Winner: Mobil


Town Pump
  • Colorado: Kum & Go
  • Idaho: Phillips 66
  • Montana: Town Pump
  • Utah: Holiday Oil
  • Wyoming: Sinclair

Regional Winner: None


  • Alabama: RaceWay
  • Arkansas: Casey’s General Store
  • Louisiana: RaceTrac
  • Mississippi: Murphy USA
  • New Mexico: Conoco
  • Texas: QuikTrip

Regional Winner: RaceTrac/RaceWay


Casey's General Store
  • Illinois: Kelley’s Market
  • Indiana: Casey’s General Store
  • Iowa: Casey’s General Store
  • Kansas: QuikTrip
  • Kentucky: Murphy USA
  • Michigan: Meijer
  • Minnesota: Kwik Trip
  • Missouri: QuikTrip
  • Nebraska: Kum & Go
  • North Dakota: Tesoro
  • Ohio: Sheetz
  • Oklahoma: QuikTrip
  • South Dakota: Casey’s General Store
  • Tennessee: Speedway
  • Wisconsin: Kwik Trip

Regional Winner: Casey's

Eastern Seaboard

Quiktrip gas station
  • Florida: Wawa
  • Georgia: QuikTrip
  • North Carolina: QuikTrip
  • South Carolina: QuikTrip
  • Virginia: Wawa
  • West Virginia: Sheetz

Regional Winner: QuikTrip

New England

Cumberland Farms
  • Connecticut: Cumberland Farms
  • Delaware: Wawa
  • Maine: Shell
  • Massachusetts: Cumberland Farms
  • New Hampshire: Irving
  • Rhode Island: Sunoco
  • Vermont: Cumberland Farms

Regional Winner: Cumberland Farms


  • Maryland: Wawa
  • New Jersey: Wawa
  • New York: NOCO Express
  • Pennsylvania: Sheetz
  • Washington, D.C.: Shell

Regional Winner: Wawa

By brand

GasBuddy U.S. top store map
  • The winner with the most states is QuikTrip, with 8 states (Arizona, Georgia, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas).
  • Wawa: 5 states (Delaware, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia)
  • Casey’s: 4 states (Arkansas, Iowa, Indiana and South Dakota)
  • Cumberland Farms: 3 states (Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont)
  • Sheetz: 3 states (Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia)
  • Shell: 2 states (Hawaii and Maine), plus Washington, D.C.
  • Kum & Go: 2 states (Nebraska and Colorado)
  • Kwik Trip: 2 states (Minnesota and Wisconsin)
  • Mobil: 2 states (Oregon and Washington)
  • Murphy USA: 2 states (Kentucky and Mississippi)
  • Chevron: 1 state (Nevada)
  • Conoco: 1 state (New Mexico)
  • Fastrip: 1 state (California)
  • Holiday Oil: 1 state (Utah)
  • Holiday Stationstores: 1 state (Alaska)
  • Irving: 1 state (New Hampshire)
  • Kelley’s Market: 1 state (Illinois)
  • Meijer: 1 state (Michigan)
  • NOCO: 1 state (New York)
  • Phillips 66: 1 state (Idaho)
  • RaceTrac: 1 state (Louisiana)
  • RaceWay: 1 state (Alabama)
  • Sinclair: 1 state (Wyoming)
  • Speedway: 1 state (Tennessee)
  • Sunoco: 1 state (Rhode Island)
  • Tesoro: 1 state (North Dakota)
  • Town Pump: 1 state (Montana)

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