Wowing Wall Street

A first-hand look at 7-Eleven's new Manhattan Mecca (slideshow)

Melissa Vonder Haar, Freelance Writer

NEW YORK -- Even from the outside, it's apparent that 7-Eleven Inc.'s "expansive" new high-tech store in the heart of New York City's Financial District this is not a typical 7-Eleven: instead of the traditional banner over the doorway, the Financial District store has a muted 7-Eleven logo off to the side, allowing it to blend in with the decor of the neighborhood.

With seating for 25 people, touchscreen ordering from a made-to-order cafe (which includes a range of healthier options) and flatscreen TVs relaying local weather, sports and news, the location--which opened earlier this month--is redefining many New Yorker's definitions of convenience stores.

Upon entering, the store feels much more expansive, with wider aisles and shorter merchandising shelves so consumers can see the entire store from any location. The center store products are also clearly labeled with catchy slogans like "My Kinda Beer" (featuring a chalkboard and display to showcase seasonal, light and dark local craft beers), "Slurp. Slurp. Gulp." (for Slurpees and fountain drinks), and "Twist. Pop. Go." (for ready-to-consumer packaged beverages and snacks).

Using a fun twist on the soda fountain, consumers at this location fill their Big Gulps from a keg-like soda dispenser.

Those in search of fresh or healthy options have a bevy of choices, including bakery fresh bread brought in daily (featuring the slogan "From the MRKT to You"), a full section of fresh fruit and even a "Here to Help" supplement and vitamin station.

In terms of foodservice, customers can get made-to-order sandwiches, salads and other offerings from either the cafe station or from touchscreen kiosks at the front of the store. Those in a hurry can also choose from a wide variety of pre-packaged options located at the main checkout in the center of the store--with the promise that all items were made fresh that day.

Separated from the front area of the store is the seating area for guests who want to stay and enjoy their meals. The area boasts not only free wi-fi and flatscreen TVs, but power outlets and a nice view of the hustle and bustle on the streets of the Financial District. Further complementing the seating area, 7-Eleven and New York-themed art lines the walls, which includes a painting of the Statue of Liberty holding up a Slurpee.

In fact, the location was so impressive that CSP Daily News wasn't the only one snapping pictures--a young professional was Instagraming the scene for his friends and co-workers, saying he didn't think they'd believe this location was actually a convenience store.