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Want-to-be retailer runs into legal issues in North Carolina

RALEIGH, N.C. -- The state of North Carolina has dissolved the Guess Corp., a business that set its sights on becoming a force in the convenience-store industry with an aggressive store-development plan and a secondary chain of "ultra-luxury" c-stores. "The Guess Corporation has been...

Take CSP’s Outlook Survey to share outlook, and for a chance to win $500

CHICAGO -- How’s business in 2016? What’s your outlook for 2017? For the past decade, CSP ’s annual, award-winning Outlook Survey has gauged convenience-store retailers’ business sentiment for the year ahead, challenges and opportunities, and their plans for the major in-store categories and fuel...

Distributor expands hiring, training program

TEMPLE, Texas -- Convenience-store, grocery and foodservice distributor McLane Co. Inc. has expanded Spark, a companywide initiative focused on identifying workplace diversity opportunities through a variety of programs, community outreach and lending support to nationally recognized diversity-...

Outlook Leadership Conference to feature election viewing party, product gallery, more
Retail groups praise passage as legislation heads for Senate, presidential veto
First retailer on Long Island to carry the brand
Designed to engage customers, influence buying habits

Jaguars break ground on Daily’s Place as c-store chain’s CEO touts growth

Street Corner, a franchise-based convenience-store brand located predominantly in shopping malls and urban multiuse developments, has opened new locations

Retailer has ‘very consistent track record of trying to stay on trend’