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Cumberland Farms store

Cumberland Farms’ CEO honored in 15th year of the award

CHICAGO -- Winsight's CSP is honored to name Ari Haseotes, CEO of Cumberland Farms, as its 2017 Retail Leader of the Year. For the past 15 years, CSP has recognized a convenience-retailing executive for leadership excellence, innovation within the chain and perseverance within his or her company,...


Bondholders oppose change that Sunoco said must happen to complete the deal

DALLAS & IRVING, Texas -- Originally expected to close by the end of this year, 7-Eleven Inc. ’s $3.3 billion purchase of more than 1,100 convenience stores from Sunoco LP has hit a road bump. A group of bondholders has told Sunoco it intends to oppose the company’s attempt to change the terms...

Hurricane trees

How c-stores and vendors helped employees get back on their feet and return to business as usual

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Store owners allege retailer has not fulfilled promise of treating them as independent contractors
7-eleven exterior
Claims retailer did not treat store owners as independent contractors and business owners
Tedeschi Food Shops
Veteran c-store industry entrepreneur, advocate to run for U.S. Congress
U.S. Capitol Building
Massachusetts retailer throws hat into ring
Store coming soon

CSP considers growing populations, low barriers to entry, favorable business climates and high person-to-c-store ratios


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