Conn. Gasoline Dealer to Reimburse Consumers

Will also pay $20,000 as part of settlement of mislabeled fuel

HARTFORD, Conn. -- The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection has announced that Mir Sabbir Ahmed, licensed owner of Ruby LLC and Nazia LLC, has signed an Assurance of voluntary compliance with the department to settle allegations involving the recent sale of misbranded fuel at gas stations located in Litchfield and New Preston/Marbledale.

While making no admission of wrongdoing, the company agreed to pay $20,000 to the Department of Consumer Protection to settle the misbranding charges, which involved misrepresenting regular fuel as premium fuel, as well as related [image-nocss] licensing infractions.

The agreement also specifies that Ahmed will resolve the nine consumer complaints related to the misbranded fuel, including reimbursement of gasoline costs, towing, mechanical repairs and other related expenses.

"This settlement should send a message that that we expect products to be honestly and accurately sold and advertised," consumer protection commissioner William Rubenstein said. "Consumers are entitled to the type of fuel that they pay for and the retail gasoline industry deserves a level competitive market place."