Wawa Celebrating One Million Facebook 'Likes'

Also launching "What Will Wawa Do Next?" program

WAWA, Pa. -- Wawa has reached one million "likes" (1,002,194 at press time) on Facebook, hitting this social media milestone on Jan. 28.

To celebrate, Wawa's is holding two weeks of contests and giveaways of merchandise and gift cards for its loyal Facebook following.

Wawa is also launching its "What Will Wawa Do Next?" program.

"Through the years, Wawa fans have posted thousands of requests and wishes, so in honor of our Millionth Fan Celebration, some of those requests will be fulfilled," said Carol Jensen, Wawa's chief marketing officer. "This program is just one way Wawa is showing appreciation for the wonderful fans that have made this milestone possible."

Fans can enter the contests and view the details by visiting Wawa's Facebook page for entry forms and details.

To put the milestone in perspective, Wawa also released these Facebook "fun facts":

  • Out of Facebook's more than 42 million fan pages, Wawa ranks 5,520 in terms of likes.
  • Wawa is the 848th ranked brand overall and the 234th brand in the food and beverage category.
  • Wawa is one of only approximately 5,000 fan pages that have reached the one million fan milestone.
  • Wawa's fans have used Facebook to interact more than 550,000 times since the page launched, including likes, comments, shares and answers.

"We treasure this brand loyalty and unique way to interact with our fans and customers," said Jensen. "Our Millionth Fan Celebration is just one way of thanking our wonderful fans for their unwavering support of Wawa by adding some fun elements of surprise and delight to them!"

Wawa, based in Wawa, Pa., is a chain of more than 600 convenience retail stores (300 offering gasoline) located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia and Florida.