Massachusetts Raises Gas, Cigarette Taxes

Levy on smokes highest rate in nation after New York

BOSTON -- Massachusetts consumers will soon be paying higher taxes for gasoline and cigarettes, according to an Associated Press report.

The state's gasoline tax jumps three cents on August 1, from 21 cents per gallon to 24 cents.

Smokers will also have to shell out more for a pack of cigarettes, with the excise tax jumping $1 from $2.51 per pack to $3.51 per pack.

The state has alerted retailers to begin collecting the new taxes, which were part of a transportation finance bill approved by the state legislature over the veto of Governor Deval Patrick. He had sought a further increase in the gasoline tax if tolls on the western portion of the Massachusetts Turnpike come down in 2017.

The cigarette tax increase is the second highest rate in the nation after New York’s $4.35 per pack.