The latest scuttlebutt, rumors & fun in the convenience store industry

Don’t be surprised to see Wisconsin native K.M. enjoying the Elroy-Sparta bike trail this summer. 

Two items that can help rejuvenate lackluster frozen-dispensed-beverage sales: protein beverages and cold-brew coffee, according to one category manager.

Might retailers be missing out if they’re not communicating key discounts to their customers? C.C. is wondering this aloud.

If anyone thought they had a bad cigarette-tax situation, R.A. probably has it worse.

Keen on chewable ice? One Midwest chain’s category manager says in-office tests proved people are crazy for crushed. 

BR hears there has been a flurry of board meetings at one big salty-snack manufacturer. Is there an acquisition or other big news on the way? 

A Canadian wholesaler has just doubled its store count in Nova Scotia, according to D.M.

Congrats to S.H. on his new role overseeing retail solutions in the Northwest. 

You can just call D.S. “Big Daddy”—we hear it’s his nickname around the office. 

Big Tobacco is speaking “legal” language when the topic of marijuana arises, says B.H.

Back Rumor Snapshot

A hearty BR congratulations to QuickChek’s John Schaninger and his lovely bride, Shelli Sonstein!

In 2016, SC Fuels, Orange, Calif., supported Mary’s Kitchen, Boys Town, Oxnard’s CAN-Tree Foodshare, Toys for Tots, Adopt-A-Family Christmas, CHOC, on and on.