7-Eleven Participating in ShopRunner PickupPoints Program

Customers can pick up merchandise ordered from online retailers at selected locations

PHILADELPHIA -- 7-Eleven Inc. is among several retailers participating in ShopRunner PickupPoints. ShopRunner, which brings together a network of retailers to deliver shopping services, has launched ShopRunner PickupPoints, which is a convenient way for online shoppers to securely receive package deliveries.

With PickupPoints, ShopRunner provides a convenient, secure way for consumers to receive packages while enabling retailers to drive additional online and in-store sales.

Member shoppers designate a pickup point when ordering online. The merchandise is delivered free within two business days to that location. ShopRunner alerts the member via email that the package has been delivered. A store employee scans a bar code on a printout or smart phone and then gives the customer the package stored in the secure locker.

The program is initially launching in Philadelphia, where residents will be able to pick up purchases from approximately 100 convenient locations at Toys"R"Us, 7-Eleven stores and Olly Shoes stores.

"7-Eleven stores are typically open 24 hours every day, providing around-the-clock convenience for customers to take advantage of ShopRunner's PickupPoints deliveries," said Raja Doddala, Dallas-based 7-Eleven's director of new business ventures. "We can provide a safe and convenient way for shoppers to receive their online orders and pick up food, beverage or necessities while they are in our stores."

A Harris Interactive survey commissioned by ShopRunner conducted online in October 2012 found that 75% of Americans have concerns about online deliveries to their homes. The survey, which polled 2,094 United States adults aged 18 and over, measured behavior towards online shopping and delivery.

Theft was the main concern about home delivery cited by 52% of Americans; 45% feared missing their delivery if they weren't home to receive it, while 43% expressed concern that packages may be damaged by weather (rain, snow, heat).

According to the survey, 79% of U.S. adults currently cap online purchases for home delivery at $200. The survey also found that of the 84% of online shoppers who don't already have a secure place to receive packages, 52% would increase the amount they spend online per year if guaranteed a secure and weather-controlled place for delivery and 37% responded that their spending would increase by at least $100.

"These results demonstrate the huge opportunity for retailers by solving consumers online package delivery challenges," said Scott Thompson, CEO of Philadelphia-based ShopRunner. "The advantage of the ShopRunner network is the potential of over 30,000 retail store locations nationwide in our retailer network providing convenience for our members and offering retailers the potential for further in-store sales. With PickupPoints, ShopRunner ignites multi-retailer cooperation enabling customers to purchase at one retailer's website and pick up packages at another retailer's store."

The ShopRunner network enables retailers to offer more deeply integrated shopping services than they could on their own. Members shop across ShopRunner's network of retail websites and stores, saving time and money with unlimited free two-day shipping, free and easy returns, as well as quick and simple checkout through PayRunner. Soon, members will also have the option of receiving their package at thousands of nearby ShopRunner PickupPoint locations.

7-Eleven operates, franchises or licenses approximately 9,400 7-Eleven stores in North America. Globally, there are some 47,600 7-Eleven stores in 16 countries. During 2011, 7-Eleven stores worldwide generated total sales close to $76.6 billion.