Aloha Data Updates Its StoreTender

Touch-screen POS software designed to maximize efficiency, affordably

StoreTender Online

LAS VEGAS -- Aloha Data Systems Inc. has updated its StoreTender POS for supermarkets, grocery and convenience stores to version 8.0. This update is a complete re-imagining of the software, bringing cloud-hybrid data storage, affordable subscription-based pricing, a 14-day trial and a new moniker: "StoreTender Online".

Currently installed in thousands of checkout lanes around the globe, StoreTender POS is a well-known brand created by company president Kenneth Farley. As a long-time industry leader, Farley created Quicksell Retail POS, which was ultimately sold to Microsoft and is today known as Microsoft Dynamics RMS, the most successful retail POS of all time.

Specializing in grocery and convenience store POS needs, it has been tuned to function quickly and accurately in those demanding environments. The touch-screen interface is simple and powerful. Cashiers who have used an electronic cash register (ECR) in the past will recognize the familiar, time-saving keystrokes. The full-featured back-office functions control customer, inventory, vendor, employee, merchandising and security data.

The unique look and feel of the software is by design. Eschewing standard Windows form-based designs that add too much clutter to the screen, StoreTender Online has large touch-screen buttons and a customer-facing screen with video playback and RSS feeds that engage both employees and customers.

The most dramatic shift is pricing as a subscription service rather than an up-front purchase. For $39 per month per PC, merchants have all the features and functionality of software that typically costs thousands of dollars.