Bennett Pump Rolls Out Pacific Dispenser Series

Incorporates VeriFone PCI-compliant Secure PumpPAY system

SPRING LAKE, Mich. -- Bennett Pump Co., a provider of electronic petroleum dispensing equipment, has announced the release of its Pacific fuel dispenser series, which incorporates a Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant payment system: Secure PumpPAY from VeriFone.

VeriFone's Secure PumpPAY is a PCI-approved solution that includes PCI-certified keypad and a magnetic stripe reader (MSR), which supports the Triple Data Encryption Standard (TDES) method of encryption at the dispenser.

PCI standards require all new fuel dispensers to have PCI-approved Encrypting PIN Pads (EPP) by Jan. 1, 2009, [image-nocss] the company said, and all existing fuel dispensers to support TDES by July 1, 2010.

Secure PumpPAY includes a familiar ATM-style keypad with eight screen addressable keys for customer input and a hybrid card reader that accepts EMV chip and magnetic stripe cards. A 5.7-inch color display provides a digital merchandising solution allowing retailers to highlight messages to customers while they fuel their tanks. A built-in contactless reader "futureproofs" the investment, the company added.

A customer-centric user interface in the Pacific dispenser allows customers to activate the dispenser, pay securely and be on their way. LCD sales display, LED next-step lighting cues and perimeter suspended hoses contribute to the experience for the fuel customer creating additional brand loyalty for the fuel marketer.

Spring Lake, Mich.-based Bennett Pump manufactures, markets and services electronic and mechanical petroleum dispensing systems for distribution in more than 90 countries. Systems include hydraulic components, fuel dispensers and pumps for retail and commercial applications, pump controllers, dispenser payment terminals and replacement parts.