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Mapco speaks to business intelligence efforts with QlikTech solution

Mapco convenience store chain speaks to business intelligence efforts with QlikTech solution

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. -- In an effort to improve customer engagement, Mapco Express, one of the largest company-operated convenience store chains in the United States, turned to technology provider QlikTech and its QlikView Business Discovery solution to track and understand customer behaviors on a granular level.

Its Mapco Loyalty Application gives users visibility into customer patterns so they can correlate buying behaviors with various customer characteristics or track purchasing patterns to uncover ways to better serve customers.

“Understanding buying behavior allows us to see where we need to market and find a way to bring customers into stores. We can look at customers who bought competing products, for example, and target them with a coupon online for one of our private-label products,” said Wade Sims, senior developer for business intelligence at the Brentwood, Tenn.-based chain of 472 stores. “This allows us to provide our customers a better value and overall experience while improving our store performance.”

QlikTech made the Mapco announcement earlier this week at the National Retail Federation’s annual convention & expo in New York City. The product allows for a “seamless” consumer experience across all available shopping channels, what it called an “omni-channel retail” approach.

“This allows us to provide our customers a better value and overall experience while improving our store performance.”

To remain competitive in today’s retail landscape, organizations must look for new ways to engage customers and optimize their supply chain across all channels, including mobile, online and in-store, said QlikTech officials.

According to analyst Greg Girard of IDC, Framingham, Mass., “Omni-channel analytics can enable a retailer to push the frontier of business opportunities with more agile and responsive strategic, tactical and operational decisions. There are two overarching forces driving requirements for better omni-channel analytical insight: the reach for relationship, relevance and reciprocity for customer intimacy and the search for scale, speed and scope for supply chain mastery.”

The QlikView Business Discovery platform helps consolidate data from myriad sources and generate a single, streamlined view of an entire organization. The platform puts business intelligence back into the hands of the users, allowing them to drill down into data to uncover key insights needed to adapt to changing customer demands and external factors that could impact product shipping and delivery.

“Whether it is a CMO looking for ways to better target customers or a logistics manager looking to streamline inventory and product shipping, QlikView supports the way human curiosity naturally searches, filters, questions and finds associations in data to find meaning in information,” said Scott Jennings, director of market development, retail and services, QlikTech. “For many customers this can mean anything from increased sales revenue and more efficient inventory management to lower operational and shipping costs.”

The QlikView software platform and its Customer Success Framework provide the people, technology and services to help organizations progressively optimize how they use data as a strategic resource. From small businesses to the largest global enterprises, QlikView gives immediate insights and enterprise manageability and governance. QlikTech has offices around the world serving approximately 30,000 customers in over 100 countries.