DM2 Releases Petroleum Insights 4.40.2

Upgrade to accounting, ERP, CRM system offers more than dozen new features

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- DM2 Software Inc., a provider of business-management software solutions for petroleum marketers, has announced the 4.40.2 release of its Petroleum Insights complete accounting, enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management system. This release offers more than a dozen new features designed to save petroleum marketers time and increase productivity by automating many routine processes and making their Petroleum Insights systems easier to maintain.

"DM2 Software has responded to our customers' requests to provide them with more automation," said Chris Lemonier, DM2's vice president of technology. "Our latest Petroleum Insights release includes several features that will save our customers time and increase productivity by automating more of the processes they perform on a daily basis."

4.40.2 supports DM2's new optional Consigned Station module. This new web-enabled module eliminates the need to maintain multiple spreadsheets and manually re-key information by automating three processes required to manage consigned stations with just one click. Because the Consigned Station module is fully integrated with Petroleum Insights' Sales Order and Account Receivable modules and Site Tank Reconciliation feature, it automatically generates invoices, applying user defined commission rates and updates accounts receivable balances and inventory levels. This new module also integrates with DM2's optional DTN Dealer Credit Card Interface module to automatically process dealer credit card fee splits.

To make it easier for DM2 customers to take advantage of the benefits customer relationship management (CRM) has to offer, 4.40.2 now comes standard with a Sage CRM server license and a single named user license. DM2 has tailored Sage CRM, an integrated customer relationship management system, to meet the specific needs of petroleum marketers who are looking to track their marketing efforts, improve their sales process and capture all of their front and backoffice employees' communications with their customers.

One of the other key features found in the 4.40.2 release of Petroleum Insights is the new Fuel Price Import Interface. DM2 has been working with DTN to automatically import and update pricing for over a decade. This new interface now gives DM2 customers the ability to import pricing supplied by other third party fuel pricing service providers as well as pricing exported from Excel or other programs into a .CSV file format and automatically update price tables as often as needed.

To support the changes Pacific Pride has recently made, the Pacific Pride version of CardLink, DM2's cardlock management and billing module, now has the ability to work with the new LOCBILL.CSV and HOSTINFO.CSV file formats and new NACS Product Codes Pacific Pride has adopted. The restriction that prevents a Pacific Pride cardholder from authorizing additional dispensers/pumps before their original transaction has been completed has also been removed to support Pacific Pride's new policy of permitting cardholders to simultaneously fuel multiple vehicles at their cardlock sites.

Vancouver, Wash.-based DM2, a Sage Software Master Developer & Reseller since 1991, uses Sage ERP MAS 90 and MAS 200 and Sage CRM, ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer relationship management) systems designed for general wholesale distribution applications to develop, sell and support Petroleum Insights, a fully integrated accounting/ERP and CRM system designed specifically for petroleum marketers. DM2's Petroleum Insights system offers all of the core financials, fuel, lubricants, home heat/propane, cardlock, c-store, supply chain automation, advanced business analytics, customer relationship management, fixed assets, paperless office and ecommerce modules petroleum marketers need to manage and grow their businesses.