Domino Food & Fuel Shreds Paper HR Process

Chain automating "onboarding" with PeopleMatter HIRE

CLINTON, Okla. -- Elmer Smith Oil Co. subsidiary Domino Food & Fuel Inc., a petroleum and food products distribution chain, and PeopleMatter, a comprehensive HR Platform designed specifically for the service industry, have announced a collaboration to automate HR processes with PeopleMatter HIRE. With 14 locations, the Clinton, Okla.-based convenience store is eliminating all paper applications to embrace the new HR software.

Until the recent implementation of HIRE, Domino Food & Fuel used paper applications and an internal online system to manage "onboarding."

One of the biggest benefits for multi-unit companies is the oversight provided by using one Platform to manage processes at every location. HIRE helps the company manage online applications with tools like pre-screening assessments, I-9 verification, background checks and tax credit screenings. Automated onboarding and offboarding are easily integrated and managed from one place.

Hiring managers at the company's locations needed the ability to share applications. Five of the company locations are within 20 miles of each other. With HIRE in place, the corporate office can turn on application viewing between units in proximity.

"Our stores have different dynamics; some have more truck drivers as customers, while other locations have become more like a neighborhood store with regulars who stop in for coffee and the latest news," said Amy Smith, Domino Food & Fuel vice president. "Each applicant brings their own strengths. People can be the right fit for different locations. We can use the pre-screening assessments, filtering capabilities and ability to review all applications at the corporate level to staff each location with candidates who are the best fit."

HIRE's employee assessment software helps clients such as Domino Food & Fuel make the best hiring decision. Assessment questions flow directly into the online application, allowing candidates to finish within minutes without leaving the system. Hiring managers see results instantly in a condensed, color-coded report that automatically links to candidate profiles. In-depth breakdowns of candidate strengths and weakness help managers place applicants in roles where they can best succeed.

"The PeopleMatter Platform is specifically designed to meet the unique HR software needs of the service industry and clients like Domino Food and Fuel," said PeopleMatter CEO Nate DaPore. "Our platform makes it easier and faster than ever to build a great team that provides an exceptional customer experience."

Charleston, S.C.-based PeopleMatter's platform of HR tools handles hiring, scheduling, learning, recognition and performance management.

Founded by Elmer Smith in 1955, Elmer Smith Oil is a three-state petroleum and food products distribution chain. Smith spearheaded the expansion of Smith Oil to ownership of four companies employing more than 90 people, owning or leasing 17 convenience stores, supplying 35 other convenience stores and gas stations, operating 15 transport trucks and distributing fuel over a multi-state area. The name "Domino" originated in the 60s when locals would come play dominos with Smith at the Clintion location. From a single location to a multi-state area, Elmer Smith Oil and Domino Inc. continue to provide the best service possible, knowing that each customer is the company's most important asset.