DTN Launches DTN Gem Preset

Gives terminal owners flexible, responsive control

OMAHA, Neb. -- DTN, a provider of real-time bulk liquid terminal automation services, has introduced DTN Gem, a modular new preset designed to eliminate multiple points of driver interaction. When drivers are given a single access point, terminal operators can streamline the fuel loading process and improve terminal productivity.

DTN Gem provides full control of a variety of applications, including all aspects of truck loading; from driver authorization, to pumps, flow rates and additives. Superior communication capabilities deliver easier data integration [image-nocss] with enterprise systems. The ability to simultaneously transmit necessary information to terminal automation systems and corporate applications minimizes the need for customized interfaces.

Open data exchange interfaces with smart field devices simplify installation and cut down on the time and cost involved in set up and support. Remote maintenance is a standard feature, which minimizes the need for onsite personnel to perform maintenance or troubleshoot.

DTN Gem scales to fit the requirements of either simple applications, or high-tech solutions, no matter how complex. The flexible DTN Gem preset will work with any terminal automation system on the market to seamlessly bridge disparate systems. For a small initial investment, unautomated terminals can reap the benefits of added security and control. Fully automated terminals already equipped with the sophisticated DTN Guardian3 terminal automation system can bring the DTN Gem on board during upgrades to loading lanes for even greater data communication and remote terminal management capabilities.