GSP Rolling Out GSPSurveyor Mobile

Latest version available across multiple smartphone platforms

CLEARWATER, Fla. -- GSP, a leading provider of retail services, recently rolled out the latest version of its proprietary site survey management software GSPSurveyor, including the new smartphone application GSPSurveyor Mobile. The new version of GSPSurveyor Mobile is available across multiple smartphone platforms--Apple iOS, Blackberry, Android and Windows 7.

The app has two main modules: Profile and Capture. The Profile module enables retailers to upload new photos and edit site profiles on their smartphones, ensuring that every site profile is always accurate. The Capture module allows retailers to turn field observations and photos into credible intelligence and instant action plans. Once they've captured the data on their smartphone, they can instantly submit it to the hosted GSPSurveyor application and it will be forwarded to the appropriate personnel.

"The redesigned version of GSPSurveyor Mobile … is an intuitive, easy to use app and will significantly improve the retailer's ability to monitor and maintain site specific data," said Kevin Farley, GSP's vice president of marketing. "Being able to upload store notes and photos before leaving the site will make the conversion to action plans much quicker. Having accurate site profiles will dramatically increase speed to market and will save the retailers considerable time and money."

The latest version of the GSPSurveyor software platform features a new and improved user-friendly web interface and a revamped survey tool that has similar functionality as Zoomerang or SurveyMonkey. This new survey feature will allow retailers to create and perform various site-specific surveys directly to field personnel, simplifying the survey process. Completed surveys can be audited and the final results stored into the GSPSurveyor application for analysis and reporting.

GSPSurveyor allows for cross-departmental access for all nonfinancial assets by site (photographs, merchandise displays, store layouts and signage details). Proper, accurate site profile management dramatically improves overall store level execution and speed to market, resulting in improved compliance and increased revenue.

Clearwater, Fla.-based GSP helps consumer-facing businesses transform their growth strategies into store-level results. Its site intelligence software optimizes planning and enables store-specific retail execution; its survey services ensure retailers know the details of every store to improve capital expenditure decisions, store understanding and store support; its design team provides graphic and industrial design solutions; and its point-of-purchase management team leverages expertise in design, production, fulfillment and data management to maximize return on in-store marketing efforts.