Home Service Oil's Social Conscience & ROI

How Express Mart stores are making impact in, on their communities

Steve Holtz, Editor in Chief, CSP Daily News

[Editor's Note: The three winners of CSP's Environmental Stewardship Awards were honored during CSP's Outlook Leadership Conference in August. In this three-part series, CSP Daily News delves into how and why each winning chain or store adopted a "green" strategy.]

BARNHART, Mo. -- When Home Service Oil built its newest Express Mart stores outside of St. Louis, it thought socially and environmentally, bent on achieving a look, offer and back story--a green back story--that was new to the area.

"There's a return on investment at the end" of projects like this," president David Mangelsdorf told CSP Daily News, "but it's the social conscience of the public today that demands that you pay attention to the environment."

The results at the two stores include skylights, controlled lighting systems, LED lighting inside and outside the store--elements that show a social conscience and also offer a return on investment.

"[We consider] anything that we can bring in that not only shows that we have an awareness of the environment and the impact it's going to make on our kids, but long term, we're considering a return on that investment, as well," Mangelsdorf said.

Home Service Oil has included LED lighting in coolers, graphics and canopies, and wherever the company feels it provides the best look. It's adopted a variable-lighting ballast system that adjusts based on the amount of light coming in from outdoors--including through six skylights in the ceiling. Outside, industrial-sized recycling bins drew immediate attention, eliciting Facebook comments such as "Way to go Express Mart for helping the environment!" and "Awesome, Jefferson County needs more of this!!!"

For Mangelsdorf, it's about doing what works best for the store, the customers and the community.

The skylights and variable lighting "not only create less energy usage by the florescent lighting, but it also creates a better atmosphere," he said. "Sunlight is much more pleasant than artificial lighting is."

He's also proud of his Big Ass Fan system. The eight-foot diameter ceiling fans reduce energy costs by keeping the air moving in the store, reducing the pull on the air-conditioning system. He also anticipates a 20% savings on electricity consumption.

Steve Holtz, CSP/Winsight By Steve Holtz, Editor in Chief, CSP Daily News
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