Howl at the TV

Bill Wolf Petroleum installs inOvationTV

JERICHO, N.Y. -- Bill Wolf Petroleum Corp. has installed in-pump televisions as part of a partnership between a pump manufacturer and a gas station focused TV network. Gas Station TV (GSTV), New York, and Wayne, a GE Energy business based in Austin, Texas, installed their co-developed media platform, "inOvationTV," at Wolf stations in New York--the companies' first retailer.

"Wolf Petroleum has generated significant value with GSTV and has a track record of innovation within the industry," said David Leider, CEO of Gas Station TV. "As the first retailer to launch inOvationTV we consider them critical to the continued growth of our business."

GSTV and Wayne launched inOvationTV in September with a Wayne investment valued at more than $50 million. Wayne's investment makes inOvationTV available to qualified stations free-of-charge, to be installed either as a retrofit to stations currently using Wayne's Ovation dispensers, or to retailers installing new Ovation dispensers from the factory. Once fully deployed, inOvationTV will triple GSTV's monthly viewership to more than 70 million consumers.

"We are pleased to continue our long-standing relationship with GSTV by adding inOvationTV to the Wolf forecourt," said Adam Wolf, vice president of Wolf Petroleum, Jericho, N.Y. "Our investment with GSTV has yielded significant returns for us and our retailers and we look forward to providing new opportunities with inOvationTV."

Fuel retailers outfitted with inOvationTV can inform and entertain their customers with GSTV's content, including sports from ESPN, business and personal finance news from Bloomberg TV, local weather from AccuWeather and GSTV's original social media television show, "Your Neighborhood."

In addition to the GSTV programming experience, fuel retailers will receive a number of additional benefits through the program such as retail-driven promotional announcements produced by GSTV, and eligibility for current promotional programs from Wayne for credit card and dispenser security. GSTV's Nielsen and retailer research studies have shown that GSTV programming and retailer promotions deliver significant increases in returning customers, customer conversion from the forecourt to the c-store, c-store sales lift, and fuel sales lift, company officials said.

The fully funded program includes Wayne's media equipment, system installation and six years of maintenance, technical support, and GSTV's content, programming, retailer marketing, production and programming services and solutions.

Birmingham, Mich.-based GSTV is one of the largest national away-from-home television network in the United Sates. Since its inception five years ago, GSTV has grown from a five-station pilot in Dallas to 27 million monthly viewers at the pump. It is the first independently audited and measured network in the gasoline space, delivering Nielsen verified viewership, demographics, dwell time, network size and recall.

Austin, Texas-based Wayne manufactures and services fueling forecourt solutions, including dispensers, payment platforms and control systems.