J3 Integrates With Merchant Warehouse's Genius Platform

Brings signature on-demand, security compliances to point-of-sale

Merchant Warehouse J3 Point-of-Sale (CSP Daily News / Convenience Stores / Technology)

BOSTON & BUCYRUS, Ohio -- Payment technologies company Merchant Warehouse has announced the integration of J3 Point-of-Sale, a complete retail inventory management system for convenience stores, hardware stores, lumber yards, pet stores and other general merchandise stores, with the Genius Customer Engagement Platform.

This partnership ensures security compliances for J3 Point-of-Sale customers and enables signature capture for both transactions and liabilities on a single device.

J3 Point-of-Sale services industries including convenience stores and the more than 30,000 independent hardware stores and lumber yards in the United States, many which need point-of-sale (POS) functionality for activity unrelated to payment transactions.

For example, businesses are often required to record signatures of customers who purchase potentially hazardous items, such as certain fertilizers or powerful cleaners. Prior to J3 Point-of-Sale's integration to Genius, businesses would collect, file and store these authorizations outside of the POS system, where they could become victims of filing mistakes. By integrating with the Genius Platform by Merchant Warehouse, J3 Point-of-Sale customers can now use Genius' new Signature On-Demand technology to collect digital signatures for transactions and liabilities from the same device.

The integration also certifies Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance on all transactions.

"Integrating J3 Point-of-Sale into the Genius Platform gives our customers tight security and efficiency features for a value that's unmatchable within a competitive POS market," said Fred Fischer, president of Ganymede Technologies Corp., parent company of Bucyrus, Ohio-based J3 Point-of-Sale. "Genius' Signature On-Demand feature, in particular, lets store owners collect and keep files, transactions and signature authorizations in a single place. This eliminates the possibility of filing mistakes, removes the need to physically store signatures and ultimately makes a shop owner's job easier."

The Genius Platform allows small and mid-sized businesses to deploy the newest payment technologies available, such as Signature On-Demand. Because it is a cloud-based payments solution, Genius is also designed to evolve over time; it accepts any payment type and adds new payment solutions as they enter the market. This means that the Genius Platform can grow with a business, based on its needs, providing flexibility with a visually appealing design.

"With Genius, we enable businesses of all sizes to accept the latest and greatest technologies for efficiency and growth while maintaining compliance and preparedness," said Henry Helgeson, CEO of Merchant Warehouse, Boston.