K-VA-T's Up at Food City?

Grocery chain selects TelaPoint's web petroleum supply chain solution

ABINGDON, Va. Supermarket retailer K-VA-T Food Stores Inc. has implemented TelaPoint Inc.'s TelaFuel Internet software solution to streamline and manage its fuel replenishment process.

K-VA-T is using TelaFuel, a browser-based application suite, to improve management of fuel replenishment operations across 43 of its company sites with gasoline operations in Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia.

With TelaFuel, K-VA-T is electronically processing fuel replenishment orders and optimizing the scheduling of its carriers to better manage [image-nocss] petroleum inventories and supply logistics, resulting in lower costs and greater administrative efficiency.

TelaFuel is an Internet supply chain software solution that includes Smart Replenishment, Smart Buying and Smart Invoicing. The TelaFuel solution helps companies realize fewer communication errors with transportation partners, lower fuel inventory and replenishment costs, make better fuel purchasing and pricing decisions and streamline fuel invoice reconciliation.

All TelaPoint customers have secure access through browser-based software applications allowing for timely and accurate communication with their authorized trading partners.

K-VA-T Food Stores, Abingdon, Va., is the corporate name of the supermarket chain operating in under the name Food City. K-VA-T is an acronym of its trade area: Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee. The 96-store chain has 13 units in southeastern Kentucky, 22 units in southwest Virginia and 61 units in northeast Tennessee.

Louisville, Ky.-based TelaPoint is an Internet platform software company that provides business-to-business applications focused exclusively on the convenience store and petroleum industry.