Love's Chooses TelaFuel

Using TelaPoint's web-based supply chain solution

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores has implemented Louisville, Ky.-based TelaPoint Inc.'s TelaFuel Internet software solution to streamline and manage its fuel replenishment process.

Love's is using TelaFuel, a browser-based application suite, to improve management of fuel replenishment operations across all of its company-owned travel stops and convenience stores operations throughout the United States.

With TelaFuel, Love's is electronically processing fuel replenishment orders and optimizing the scheduling [image-nocss] of its transportation fleet to better manage petroleum inventories and supply logistics, resulting in lower costs and greater administrative efficiency.

We are actively pursuing our goal to maximize fuel replenishment efficiency utilizing TelaPoint's supply chain solution, said Brent Bergevin, Love's director of transportation. TelaFuel will help us better manage fuel inventories and transportation operations along with reducing administrative costs to reconcile petroleum transactions.

TelaFuel, an Internet supply chain software solution, includes Smart Replenishment, Smart Buying and Smart Invoicing. It helps companies realize fewer communication errors with transportation partners, lower fuel inventory and replenishment costs, make better fuel purchasing and pricing decisions, and streamline fuel invoice reconciliation, the tech firm said.

All TelaPoint customers have secure access through browser-based software applications allowing for timely and accurate communication with their authorized trading partners.

Oklahoma City-based Love's has 180 travel centers and c-stores in 29 states. It said it plans to open 15 new locations in 2006, increasing the state count to 31 states. Love's operates more than 60 of its own transports and will double that in the next two years, it added.