Odysii Bringing Match N Go to U.S. C-Stores

Enables suggestive, one-on-one selling solutions at POP

BOSTON -- Odysii Inc., a global provider of marketing intelligence software, has announced the U.S. availability of Match N Go, its suggestive selling solution, and said that it is focusing on convenience retailers. Match N Go enables retailers to increase store sales by effectively upselling and cross-selling customers at the point of purchase (POP).

Odysii's solutions have been implemented in Europe and Asia and have recently been introduced to select U.S. retailers in the prior to its formal launch.

Odysii's Match N Go solution optimizes each customer's buying experience through one-on-one contextual marketing of additional items based on real-time analysis of the customer's product selection, predefined business rules criteria and other data feeds through a customer facing screen on the check out counter.

Match N Go fine-tunes offers through adaptive learning algorithms that enable it to learn and track which product affinities work best, divide offers into dayparts and determine individual store recommendations based on that locations customers' purchases.

Match N Go's screen also allows customers to select bounce back offers and coupons for future store visits. In stores where Odysii's Match N Go is integrated to loyalty programs, the selection of suggested items is further enhanced based on an individual's purchase history; thereby increasing the likelihood of sales uplift.

"In today's competitive and challenging market, convenience retailers need to take every opportunity to effectively engage their customers at the point of purchase." said Elad Halperin, Odysii's vice president of global marketing. "Odysii's Match N Go solution effectively increases store sales by analyzing customer purchases in real time; offering targeted suggestions for additional sales based on relevant analytics; and engaging customers with an intuitive, timely and effective manner to purchase additional products."

He added, "We're confident our proven technology, which is installed throughout Asia and Europe, will bring increased bottom line profitability to U.S. convenience retailers."

Founded in 2004, Boston-based Odysii, is a global provider of marketing intelligence software solutions for one-on-one marketing and suggestive selling at the point of purchase. With tens of thousands of screen installations now implemented in more than 30 markets worldwide, its SaaS-based solution has delivered targeted selling for leading retailers such as HEB, HSBC, Western Union, 7-Eleven in Asia, Texaco, Benavidas and many others.