Pinnacle Rolling Out Handheld Lottery Inventory Solution

Allows c-store manager to scan ticket numbers into paperwork instead of transcribing

Pinnacle Lottery Software for Convenience Stores

ARLINGTON, Texas –The Pinnacle Corp. has announced the upcoming release of a new Handheld Lottery Inventory Solution to enable convenience store operator efficiencies in the processes of recording and accounting for scratch lottery tickets.

The new Handheld Lottery Inventory Solution extends Pinnacle's existing Manager Workstation backoffice solution by providing the c-store manager with a means to scan lottery ticket numbers into the daily paperwork instead of manually transcribing and entering the ticket data into their report. This saves time and increases efficiency in the process of reconciling scratch lottery ticket sales and inventory to point-of-sale (POS) sales data. The new Handheld Lottery Inventory Solution will leverage the same handheld hardware device already provided by Pinnacle for store level merchandise inventory audits, vendor invoice receiving, and price verification functions.

"An extension of our existing Handheld Solutions, our upcoming release of the Handheld Lottery Inventory module is a natural extension for the lottery inventory and reconciliation processes our back office and scanning products have supported for more than two decades," said Melissa Hadley, director of product management at Pinnacle. "Instead of manually having to write down then re-enter ending lottery ticket numbers into the back office as part of their daily paperwork, store managers will be able to quickly and easily capture this data with the same handheld device they already use for other functions with a simple scan. It's all about efficiencies to continually reduce the time managers spend in front of the computer."

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