Ricker's, Parker's Rolling Out PeopleMatter Hire

Talent management system automates hiring, integrates social media

ANDERSON, Ind. & SAVANNAH, Ga. -- Ricker Oil Co. Inc. and Parker's Convenience Stores have both signed on to use PeopleMatter Hire. Ricker Oil is implementing the system in its 50 Ricker's locations to help find, hire and manage its workforce. It will deploy the PeopleMatter talent management system to automate and streamline its hiring and onboarding tasks, such as applicant tracking, background checks, hiring assessments and onboarding paperwork.

PeopleMatter Hire consolidates and automates all hiring tools into one system. The user interface and ability to translate [image-nocss] into multiple languages helps ensure high internal adoption, the company said.

Ricker's is a big user of social media and mobile apps. The PeopleMatter product ecosystem integrates with social media tools and applications that will help keep the retailer's workforce motivated and engaged as the company expands, PeopleMatter added.

"PeopleMatter Hire reinforces our mission to provide a top-quality customer experience in our stores," said Quinn Ricker, president of Ricker Oil Co., Anderson, Ind. "With more than 600 employees, we need a system that can keep up with all of the HR tasks our managers deal with daily, and one that can find employees who match our business values to keep turnover down. PeopleMatter Hire is that system."

Nate DaPore, PeopleMatter president and CEO, said, "Our automated tools help simplify and streamline complicated HR tasks so managers can focus on engaging their workforce and providing excellent customer service. PeopleMatter Hire quickly finds outstanding talent that will further the Ricker brand and build their organization."

Separately, Parker's said that it will implement PeopleMatter Hire to help find, hire and manage its workforce. Parker's c-stores, located across southeast Georgia and southwest South Carolina, will use the PeopleMatter system to automate and streamline their hiring and onboarding tasks such as applicant tracking, background checks, hiring assessments and electronic I-9 verification.

Parker's choose PeopleMatter as its HR technology provider because of Hire's interface that also integrates with social media, catering to Generation Y workforce, said the company.

Candidates can apply online, from any laptop, mobile device or tablet with an Internet connection. Hire also integrates hiring assessments and background checks into the online application form to ensure Parker's can find quality candidates willing to go the extra mile for customers.

"We needed an easy-to-use system that could make finding great employees fast and hassle-free," said Greg Parker, president and CEO of Savannah, Ga.-based Parker's. "By integrating assessments and background checks into the online application form, PeopleMatter helps ensure we are hiring people whose values align with those of the Parker's brand."

Said DaPore: "Our tools help the Parker's human resources team easily identify the best candidates and simplify the mundane tasks such as background checks and I-9 paperwork that can consume the working day. Hire will help give Parker's the time and HR tools necessary to focus on developing its people and providing excellent customer service."

Charleston, S.C.-based PeopleMatter is a talent management solution for the service industry. It helps companies such as restaurants and c-stores hire dependable employees and other service-industry employers, ignite their passion and inspire loyalty by providing a comprehensive suite of HR tools including hiring, learning, scheduling, performance management, rewards and recognition and workplace social media collaboration. Its mission is to transform the workplace by providing managers and employees with tools that catalyze the innate human drive to make a difference--because happy, engaged employees and managers lead to exemplary customer service.

Ricker Oil is a family-owned company that owns and operates 50 convenience stores in Indiana, as well as a petroleum dealership and other enterprises.

Parkers Cos. is a network of more than 20 Parker's Convenience Stores and Parker's Market Urban Gourmet stores in six counties throughout Georgia and South Carolina. The company also includes an oil jobbership, which distributes branded fuels to dealers throughout the Southeast. Other company businesses include Spin City laundromats and Urban Attic self-storage facilities.