Scaling the Data Mountain

Pinnacle introduces business intelligence suite

ARLINGTON, Texas -- The Pinnacle Corp. has launched Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), its new business intelligence suite. EPM is an analytical tool that retailers use to access, interpret and distribute store data from the store level to the corporate office.

Retail store data on sales and customers is always changing, and because of this, it is extremely difficult to stay on top of it all, said Peter Steele, Pinnacle's senior vice president of development. EPM takes large amounts of disparate store data and organizes and transforms it into meaningful [image-nocss] information on how the business is performing. Then, it goes one step further by making this intelligence available via the web to those employees with decision-making responsibilitiesfrom top executives to store managersresulting in better and faster business decisions.

Modular and scalable, EPM offers retailers the option to add on solutions as their business grows. Once the initial POS data store module is in place, transaction information gets stored in a centralized database where it can be used by other systems. Since the data is available within minutes, it can be put into action before problems have a chance to escalate into full-blown emergencies, the company said.

EPM integrates with other data sources such as Pinnacle Price Book to link information about products to transaction data for an unlimited number of different viewsby product classification, company organization, vendor/supplier or customer.

Modules are designed to help retailers capitalize on opportunities to increase profits and reduce costs with modules that focus on loss prevention, merchandising and store operations. Data analysis provides multi-level drill down and trend recognition capabilities. The web-based analysis tools in EPM are accessible anytime and anywhere from a web browser, and critical events and alerts are sent by e-mail or to any web-enabled hand-held device.

Arlington, Texas-based Pinnacle is an automation technology company focusing on the convenience store and petroleum industries.