Secure Payments, Coupons at the Pump

VeriFone calls out highlights of the quarter

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- VeriFone Systems Inc. announced several significant in-store mobility wins in recent months as part of its quarterly earnings report.

  • VeriFone is moving forward with its gas-station media business. VeriFone’s media-enabled payment systems and services provide a state-of-the-art solution for secure payments, targeted advertising, coupons and special offers, and delivering real-time, relevant information such as weather and safety warnings. PAYMEDIA content is managed by VeriFone Media and broadcast via the VeriFone Digital Network (VNET).
  • On Oct. 8, VeriFone announced an agreement with Valero Retail Holdings Inc. to implement PAYMEDIA for Secure PumpPAY in an initial pilot at corporate-operated sites in the Austin, Texas, area. Secure PumpPAY solutions enable gasoline retailers and distributors to retrofit gasoline dispensers with EMV-capable, PCI-compliant payment systems that meet the latest payment security standards. The VeriFone modules incorporate full-color digital display and audio that improves the fueling experience.
  • On Oct. 1, VNET unveiled the next evolution of media at gas stations, providing advertisers and marketers with new promotional capabilities including on-demand coupons at the pump and transaction-specific promotions at the convenience store checkout counter. After a successful 12-month pilot, where coupon redemption rates in excess of 10% far exceeded industry norms for freestanding inserts, VeriFone is rolling out couponing to its PAYMEDIA customers.

VeriFone Systems Inc., San Jose, Calif., is a leader in secure electronic payment solutions.