SMC Powers Gas Station Video Ad System

Provides wireless networking to AdtekMedia's LCD screens at pump

IRVINE, Calif. -- SMC Networks said that its wireless networking solutions were selected by AdtekMedia Inc. for use in its new alternative advertising vehiclethe AdtekMedia Network.

Designed to capture consumers' interest while they are pumping gas, the new AdtekMedia Network uses wireless networking technology from Irvine, Calif.-based SMC Networks to transmit its full-motion audio and video content to 17-in. LCD screens mounted at the station pumps.

AdtekMedia, Cost Mesa, Calif., developed a proprietary technology that allows [image-nocss] the company to mount LCD screens at the pump and deliver full-motion audio/video content to the screens. The company is currently installing these screens at stations across California, and will soon also have installations in Nevada, Texas and Florida.

Networked to a central server, AdtekMedia's AdtekMedia Network stations provide a vehicle through which an advertiser can display their traditional TV commercial at one station, multiple stations or all of the stations. Viewers are tracked by point-of-sale (POS) transactions at the pump itself, so advertisers have a true measure for the number of viewers in this captive audience situation.

Inside each AdtekMedia Network-equipped station or convenience store, an SMC Barricade g Wireless Broadband Router (SMCWBR14G) connects to the AdtekMedia Network's remote central server to receive and distribute the streaming audio/video advertising programming. An SMCANT-OOM8 EliteConnect Wireless High Gain Antenna backed by an SMC SMCAMP-1000 Amplifier ensures a strong signal for smooth transmission of the advertising to the ad stations on the pump islands outside.

At the pump, each LCD screen-equipped advertising station has an EliteConnect High Power Wireless PC Card (SMC2532W-B) with an attached EliteConnect 2.4GHz Desktop Omni-Directional 5dBi Antenna (SMCANT-OM5) to receive the streamed advertising. The big screens then display the attention-grabbing advertisements, movie trailers and banner ads of 15 seconds to two minutes in length in five-minute cycles, 24 hours a day in full-motion video with high-quality sound.