Technology news affecting the convenience store industry

Bitcoin, digital currencies expanding what commerce means

TUCSON, Ariz. -- When Selena Gomez is explaining complicated financial transactions, that’s a party. On the plane ride over to the Conexxus meeting , I watched the movie "The Big Short," which was part drama and part history lesson of the mortgage crisis and subsequent collapse of Wall Street that...

Minimum-wage tipping point may bring artificial intelligence to c-stores, Conexxus futurist says

TUCSON, Ariz. -- A robot or some form of artificial intelligence could replace many physical or customer-facing tasks at the convenience store of the future if costs match what retailers are already paying flesh-and-blood human beings, according to the keynote speaker at the annual Conexxus...

Startups place kiosks for digital currency at sites on both coasts

IRVINE, Calif. -- Even though some convenience-store operators don’t even know what Bitcoin is, several stores on the West Coast and reportedly one in Virginia have placed ATM-style devices that will allow customers to purchase the digital currency. Begun in the late 2000s as a digital version of...

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Heartland forges technology-sharing partnership with Petrosoft
House committee member clocks in at Qik n EZ
Convenience-store chain, Comcast offer free Wi-Fi in 720 East Coast locations
Software developer will advise on current and future products
POS firm leverages Revel and Samsung infrastructure to expand mobile ‘ubiquity’
Partnership with Nolan creates efficiencies in inventory and accounting