Technology news affecting the convenience store industry

100% POS convenience channel tracking service provides weekly data for more than 250 categories

CHICAGO -- Information Resources Inc. (IRI) yesterday launched AllScan Convenience Reviews, which it said is the industry's first service that provides 100% point-of-sale (POS)-based convenience store coverage with weekly data for more than 250 product categories and insights for more than 50...

Information, not instinct, is becoming the rule for retailers

IRVING, Texas -- Rutter's Farm Stores will spend $1 million on bathrooms for its 50-store chain in the coming year, giving a new twist to its logo, "Why go anywhere else?" Open Pantry Food Marts of Wisconsin doesn't build stores and then customize its offerings to the area residents. Instead, it...

WANs, other technology tools help retailers make "better decisions faster"

OAK BROOK, Ill. -- Size matters not. Two small retailers showed that the old adage rings true, in this case relating to the use of networking technology to improve their companies' ability to compete while paving the way for future expansion. During a CSPNetwork CyberConference dubbed Streamlining...

Retailer selects Next10 for hosted VPN services
System manages lighting, refrigeration, heating, HVAC
Oil co. gets in the game, as well as into fashion
Tech providers roll out integrated POS/prepaid solution
Golden Gate installs system from REC Solar
Will automate funds reconciliation, monitor transactional risk, more
Retailer will implement POS, customer self-service technology