Technology news affecting the convenience store industry

Rooftop units powering gasoline dispensers, more

WILLIAMSTOWN, Vt. -- Pump & Pantry, a convenience store in Williamstown, Vt., has added solar panels as a means of cutting costs by generating energy on-site. “People probably think it’s odd for a gas station to claim to be environmentally friendly,” said owner Sam Adams. “We went solar because...

Serves as ‘backbone’ for all of tech firm’s products and services

PITTSBURGH -- Petrosoft has introduced Petrosoft Cloud, which amplifies and bridges the services it delivered within this unified cloud solution. It is the backbone of the company’s cloud-based and cloud-connected services. Petrosoft Cloud provides a secure, scalable infrastructure and support...

Solution replaces multiple devices, programs with single interface

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- CMI Solutions, a convenience-store and wholesale fuel solutions software provider, and its partner Verge Retail, a mobile software company for c-store distributors and retailers, recently announced CMI’s integration with Verge Replenish, an iPad-based ordering platform that uses...

Extends customer engagement from pump to inside the store

Amazon Go could bring convenience to a new level

No checkout required at this new retail concept
New course combines education, certification

Retailers’ input, ‘marketplace realities’ at heart of decision to delay dispenser deadline

Cites ‘marketplace realities,’ ‘challenges’

Who's taking steps to place specific functions into a third-party space.