Technology news affecting the convenience store industry
Fare 2016 Leaders in Foodservice
Photo by W. Scott Mitchell

Ian Baines (from left), Rafi Taherian, Frank Tucker and Courtney Williams

FARE award winners address future automation needs

GRAPEVINE, Texas -- Foodservice comes in many shapes and size: from convenience stores to restaurants and universities to hospitals. While each has common goals and challenges, the way they approach them can vary. Here's a rundown of what four foodservice leaders said they expect from the future of...

Technology is a key ingredient at FARE Conference

Credit-card company addresses processes, chargeback concerns

FOSTER CITY, Calif. — Addressing growing concern over the prolonged EMV certification process and the chargebacks merchants have been receiving since last October’s liability shift on fraudulent purchases, Visa has simplified testing requirements and will prohibit chargebacks under $25, the credit-...

How criminals use fake credit cards, rigged trucks to steal gasoline

How 3-D printers, simple distractions work for data thieves

Secret Service agent walks through evolution of data theft at the pump

Midwest chain renews license for APT market-basket software
Transaction-tracking solution said to cut chargeback rates by more than half
Determining ROI for technology upgrades at the checkout
As a society, can we afford last-mile convenience?