Technology news affecting the convenience store industry

Cites ‘marketplace realities,’ ‘challenges’

SAN FRANCISCO -- Visa Inc. is giving gasoline retailers three more years to install EMV technology to process the new chip-based credit cards and debit cards. It is moving the automated fuel dispenser (AFD) EMV activation date from Oct. 1, 2017, to Oct. 1, 2020, according to a Visa blog post. San...

Who's taking steps to place specific functions into a third-party space.

To address the various aspects of what one could consider a digital strategy, Donna Perkins of Calloway Oil tackles many elements one at a time.

Using Skyhook’s new foot-traffic attribution solution

A major upgrade, tobacco inventory and two EMV strategies

Collaboration combines companies’ respective core retail competencies
Loyalty app will help tobacco company with convenience-channel marketing efforts
Card networks 'woefully mismanaged' technology rollout; FTC looking at routing practices.

Here are five technology platforms destined to reshape our retail world.

BP’s Personality Pump debuts in New York and Chicago .