The Pacesetters

Trends Behind the Fastest-Moving New C-store Products

Abbie Westra, Director, Editorial, CSP

Article Preview: 

The burgeoning categories as identified by IRI are also doing well for Jones of Johnny Junxions. “We have had significant growth in our breakfast sales. The majority of the increase is ready-to-go breakfast sandwiches, but the breakfast-bar category has also steadily increased over the past few years,” he says.

Better-for-you bars are finally picking up some steam at McCarty’s stores after a few years of tortoise-like sales. But dispensed iced tea—another buzz-worthy category—just isn’t moving the way sweet and non-sweet are.

McCarty illustrates the need to temper the excitement over a new product with the realties of your market.

“It’s almost like you need a 7-Eleven, one of the big boys, to really make it mainstream for the rest of us,” she says.

So as you watch for the next great innovation, certainly keep your eye on outside-the-box paradigm changers, as energy drinks once were. But know that you can find ongoing innovation in the product categories that best fit shoppers’ needs of the day. 


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