Planning for Strategic Growth

Greg Parker on his plans for the next decade and how he intends to become a multibillion-dollar company.

Greg Parker, President and CEO

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To Expand or Not to Expand

At Parker’s, we’re focused on smart growth and are looking for the very best professionals in our industry. If you’re interested in the opportunity to take your career to the next level, I hope you’ll consider joining our team at Parker’s. If so, email me at [email protected].

If you’re a c-store owner, now may or may not be the best time for your company to add new stores to your portfolio, or perhaps for you to consider selling and cashing out at positive terms.

We believe in this industry and we are positioned to grow. If your business is one you feel we should look at, let me know. Every company has different needs, challenges and goals. Whether you decide to grow your company or to sell, I wish you every success.

Only you can answer these questions.  


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