Whoa There!

Tioga Gas Mart near Yosemite gets customers to slow down for gourmet food and other unexpected delights.

Samantha Strong Murphey, Freelance writer

Article Preview: 

Meet Denise Donaille

  • Best thing about her job: “Working for my family. I’m driven to do a good job to make them proud. I know firsthand all the hard work and time they put into the business to make it successful, and I want to continue to make it a great place.”
  • Toughest thing about her job: “Keeping everyone happy all the time, whether it’s the customers or employees.”
  • Favorite menu items: “The steak Caesar salad and fish tacos.”
  • Vacation plans: “This year during the off-season, my husband, son (who is 10 months old) and I are going surfing in Fiji for two weeks. The rest of the winter will be filled with skiing, playing in the snow and enjoying lots of quality family time. And hopefully some more surfing.”
  • Her heroes: “My dad, because he gets things done, and Nelson Mandela.”
  • Ultimate dream for her business: “To have all amazing employees who never complain and always give great customer service. We are very close!”


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